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  • What is your roasting process?
    The process begins with unroasted, green coffee beans purchased from a coffee importer. The beans are then dropped into a gas-powered drum roaster. Then, the beans go though a process known as "the drying phase." It is during this phase, the color changes from green to a light yellow. Heat is controlled manually to ensure target temperatures are reached at certain times. Air is also introduced into the drum to help eliminate moisture and smoke. The beans slowly begin to turn brown and start cracking as they expand and release moisture. This is known as "first crack" and begins the development phase. After first crack, this is the point at which the roast could be stopped and is called a City Roast. The longer the beans are left in, the darker the roast becomes and progresses through City+, Full City, Full City+, French and Vienna Roasts. We only roast to Full City+ as we feel that coffee loses most of its distinguishable characteristics beyond Full City+. Once the desired roast level is reached, the coffee is dropped into the cooling tray and once cool, the coffee is ready to be bagged and delivered to you.
  • What varieties do you offer?
    Our varieties often change depending on availability, however, we'll always have a light, a medium and a dark roast in stock. Check out the Buy Coffee page to see what we currently have available. When available, our Limited Release Roast is ordered in small batches and changes frequently.
  • Do you ship your coffee?
    Yes, we offer flat $8 shipping to anywhere in Ohio.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, we deliver to the Clintonville area of Columbus. Contact us for more information.
  • What sets your coffee apart?
    Anchor Bend is a Clintonville-based roaster in Columbus, Ohio. Manually roasted to order, we specialize in fresh, quality beans roasted in very small batches. Our varieties are limited and each is specifically chosen and roasted to enhance the flavor of that particular bean. Anchor Bend is coffee for every adventure, wherever life takes you.
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